How to activate Sylenth1
Only the full version of Sylenth1 can be activated, not the demo version. First make sure you've downloaded and installed this version.

To activate Sylenth1 v3.0 your computer needs to be connected to the internet. If you need to activate an offline computer, please follow the instructions for offline activation.

First start Sylenth1 in your host software. Sylenth1 will automatically ask you to enter your activation code. You can find this code in your license email.

Activation with code

Enter the code and click OK. If you're upgrading from Sylenth1 v2.x, you may be asked to activate using the installed license instead.

Activating with license

If the activation succeeds, you'll be prompted to restart Sylenth1.

Restart Sylenth1

That's all! Now you can enjoy Sylenth1!

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Sylenth1 Sounds
All samples are 100% Sylenth1, 192kbps mp3 and have not been processed in any way. Read more..