License FAQ
On how many computers can I install Sylenth1?
Sylenth1 can be installed and used on 2 computers at the same time. You can transfer Sylenth1 to a new computer after deactivating the old one. It can be used on both Mac and PC. If you happen to lose your license email, click here to request a new one.

Where do I find my license code?
To get your license code sent to your registered email address, just click here.

How can I transfer my license to a new computer?
First you need to deactivate Sylenth1 on your old computer by clicking MENU -> Deactivate on Sylenth1's user interface. After that you can install Sylenth1 on your new computer and activate it as usual.

If you deleted Sylenth1 without deactivating it, then you need to re-install and re-activate it. After that you can deactivate it to properly register the deactivation.

I have a problem activating Sylenth1.
To activate Sylenth1 please follow these instructions step by step.

I forgot to deactivate my computer.
When transferring Sylenth1 to a new computer, you should always deactivate it on the old computer by clicking MENU -> Deactivate on Sylenth1's user interface. If you forgot to do this, you can still remove the activation manually via the customer area. You can only do this a limited amount of times, so you should only do this if absolutely necessary!

Can I activate Sylenth1 on a computer without internet?
Yes! You can find detailed instructions on activating an offline computer here.

I lost my license email.
You can request your license with activation code being emailed to you here.

Can I sell my license?
Licenses are transferable, but there is a license transfer fee involved that should be paid by the person the license is transferred to. This fee is currently set at 10 Euro. If Sylenth1 was purchased at a discount, this fee will be increased by 50% of the difference between the current price and the price it was purchased at.

Licenses can be transferred only once and only within 5 years after purchase. If you buy a license second hand you will not be able to sell it again.

If you decide to sell your license you must first deactivate Sylenth1 via MENU -> Deactivate in Sylenth1. Then uninstall Sylenth1 and completely remove all files related to it, including the installer, license files and any emails containing download information.

You don't have to send the buyer any license or download information, we will take care of that.

To complete a license transfer we'll need confirmation from both seller and buyer.

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