Soundbanks and Presets
Each soundbank in Sylenth1 contains up to 512 presets divided over 4 sub-banks of 128 presets each. Click the numbers 1 to 4 next to the preset name to switch between sub-banks.

Click MENU > Bank > Load and select one of the FactoryBank files to load another soundbank.


Sylenth1 loads FactoryBank1.fxb by default at start-up. If you want to choose another default soundbank, you can change this in the Settings.xml file in the data folder. Click MENU > "Open Data Folder.." and browse to the Config folder. Open the Settings.xml file with notepad and edit the "DefaultBank" setting to the bank you want to use and save the file.

Click MENU > Preset > Load to load single presets. You can select multiple presets to import them at once.

Presets and soundbanks are fully compatible between 32 and 64bit verions, Windows and OSX versions and VST and AU versions of Sylenth1.

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Sylenth1 Sounds
All samples are 100% Sylenth1, 192kbps mp3 and have not been processed in any way. Read more..