Sound Design Contest - Winning Tracks
31 December 2019
We're pleased to announce the top ten entries and the three winning tracks of the Sylenth1 sound design contest. We've received tons of amazing demos, so narrowing it down wasn't an easy task.

01. Dejan Subotin - Unsound Mind
Dejan submitted a versatile and colourful deep house track with a lot of club potential. All sounds in this track are created with Sylenth1, including the percussion! The project is well built and the custom-designed sounds are brought to life through careful automation of Sylenth1's parameters. Great work!

02. Vladimir Stefanek - SHITHOP
Vladimir's entry is one of a kind, an experimental dark and gritty tune. What really caught our ear on this one is the sound design, which is quite original. Again all sounds are created in Sylenth1, including the kick and snare. The automation was live recorded and really gives it a trippy edge. Very well done!

03. Ash Milez - Sylenth1 Power (Soundscape)
Ash Milez shows us that Sylenth1 is also a great tool for making soundscapes. Coated in crisp and clear sounds, Ash delivers a very powerful atmospheric track made entirely using Sylenth1.

Congratulations guys, we will contact you shortly for more details. Below we have listed the other best submissions. One by one these are great tracks that demonstrate how Sylenth1 can sound when used by creative minds! All these tracks will be showcased on the new upcoming website.

04. Wunjan - Bullet Dodger

05. Ash Milez - 90's Vibe

06. Jonas Bengtsén - Eternize

07. Anghelo Haya - Sylenth

08. Rad Rix - LennarDigital Contest Track

09. Simon Gabriel - Sylenth1

10. DM Tribe - DM Essence

We’d like to thank all contestants and partners* for making this contest possible. We're really impressed by the many amazing tracks we received, so keep up the good work!

Happy new year everyone!

- LennarDigital

* Nektar Technology, Akai Professional, D16 Group, SoundRadix, Fabfilter, The Audio Bar, Ancore Sounds, Audiotent and Alonso Sound.

Sylenth1 Sounds
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