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Digital Music Magazine "Sylenth1 excels in generating sounds like leads, synth-bass, pads, soundscapes and arpeggio sequences, it's an adequate solution for a wide range of music styles. If you are constantly searching for convincing virtual analog sounds, Sylenth1 will give you great satisfaction... Absolutely indispensable in your setup."
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  • Digital Music Magazine no. 28

FutureMusic "LennarDigital comes strong with the Sylenth1 virtual analog synth. The incredible sound engine married to outstanding effects and supreme knob-twiddling options makes Mr. Addink's Sylenth1 a great buy."
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TraxMusic "If I had to sum up Sylenth1 in a single word, it would be “Wow!” (...) Anyone who’s interested in obtaining that “Virus-like” chunkiness in their tunes without the Virus price tag should take a close look at Sylenth1. You might find you actually like it!"

Computer Music Magazine "This synth really does sound awesome, and it’s so easy to program that it can sometimes feel like you’re cheating somehow. (...) Sylenth1 is absolutely recommended to anyone who uses a lot of bread and butter sounds from virtual analogue synths. It sounds better than 99% of the competition and, to our ears, it even rivals Access’s famous Virus. (...) amazing when you consider how little CPU power it requires. In a word: fantastic."
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Interface Magazine "We've gotten to know Sylenth1 as a very good sounding, organic virtual-analog synth, which is especially well suitable for fat dance-sounds in the broadest sense of the word. But also for other styles this universal synth stands tall. (...) The sound stays solid until deep in the lows and far in the highs. Sylenth1 is therefore not a synth for modest background parts. It claims the sound image for itself and the sound fascinates and moves enough to make that happen."

PlugIndex "All in all the Sylenth1 is a very well made Plugin, that not only by its very well arranged control surface but of course also by its outstanding sound quality can be absolutely convincing."
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Debug Magazine "Sylenth1 scores at something many products from renowned software manufacturers currently miss: an uncomprimising good sound and an amazing ease on system resources. (...) What comes out at the end, convinces all along the line: crystal-clear, pressureful, tonally almost a class of its own."
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Deejay Magazine "It simply sounds incredible. We have compared the Sylenth1 with other well known and well-established synthesizers and we've been really surprised, in most cases Sylenth1 was the winner. (...) The clarity is another important factor, it sounds very clean, very open. (...) Using 10 instances of Sylenth1, the CPU load did not exceed 55%, therefore the score in this sense is 10 out of 10, simply magnificent. Perhaps one hundred percent recommendable."
  • Deejay Magazine Spain no. 106, Nov 2006

Amazona "Whoever plays the Sylenth1 for the first time will be surprised - I promise! It can sound so intense, so analog and at the same time in the highs so brilliant, like almost no other virtual analog Synthesizer on the market (and I mean not at all restricted to Software only)! (...) Even my Virus Indigo wasn't able to achieve such sound quality."
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Beat Magazine "The Dutch newcomer entices you from the first moment on and offers exactly what it promises. For less than 200 Euros there is no better "analog" sounding Synthesizer. The oscillators are free from digital artifacts, and the two filters are not simply only mayhem creators, but also have pleasing nuances in intermediate tones."
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User Testimonials

This is What users say about Sylenth1

"I have started making the soundset for Sylenth1 and I only had time now to really explore the synth and once again my greatest compliments, this is one masterpiece! I have tried a lot of synths and if I say it's good then it is! I don't know how, but it gives such a hardware feel to the productions, that warm sound that's missing from most softsynths."

"I've got to tell you that Sylenth1 is an incredible piece of software synth. I'm not sure how you did it, but it's just so massive sounding (at a very minimal hit to my CPU). It has also become my favourite synth to program my own patches. The interface is intuitive, and the layout just plain makes sense! I Love it."
  • Craig Rhodes

"Very lean CPU, huge sound, top quality, versatile and powerful and dead easy to program. The best VA I own. The presets inspire me and really show off good sound design. Can't speak highly enough about this synth. It really rocks."
  • Rick Christy a.k.a. Grymmjack

"Yesterday I tried the Sylenth. It is without doubt the GREATEST VST I own. The sounds you can get out of it are just so incredibly fat! It really inspires me to make music!"
  • Dimitri

"Congratulations with a beautiful design, the Sylenth1 really is a topsynthesizer! I'm very impressed with it, especially because finally the higher frequencies sound good. I hope you will continue developing products like this, and also eq's, compressors, etcetera of the same quality."
  • N. Mulder, Royal Conservatoire fac. Art of Sound

"Wow this synth is really SUPER FAT! And that menu in the middle is really great, it's so easy to use!"
  • Totalition

"I do think this synth is unique compared to the quality of other softsynths I own / have owned and I love it's clarity and presence."
  • Michael de Jonge

"I'm so happy with your synth! It can be used for really anything and it easily goes along with the biggest names out there!"
  • DJ Outrage

"The LFO's make the filter go so enormously deep, and then it comes back from far away. So cool! I've never heard anything like it. The Virus doesn't even come CLOSE to this. I've got no idea how you did it, but respect!"
  • D. Overdrive

"I think Sylenth1 is the bomb! One of the best synths in the scene, that's for sure. The filters are by far the best you can get on a softsynth. The saws I get from it are really full and rich and don't sound less than a hardware synth. You can make totally freakin' FX sounds with it and swirl 'em with the built-in effects, it saves a lot of CPU use and sounds awesome."
  • Loony DJ

"Mannnn, this thing is so cool! Such a thick sound!!"
  • Tuan

"Sylenth1 in one word is truely amazing! Everything about Sylenth1 oozes creativity right from the word go, I can use 10 instances of Sylenth1 and still only have my CPU at 50% therefore making this softsynth my number 1 for music production. I would go as far to say that I couldn't really tell much difference between Sylenth1 and my Virus TI, for sure Sylenth1 renders my other soft synths obsolete as I have finally found a synth that can do pretty much everything. I'm now working on my first soundbank for Sylenth1 with such inspiration I have not found whilst using any other VST. I could go on but most of you who own Sylenth1 probably know the potential it has by now and those of you who don't own it - GET IT!"
  • Rob Lee

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