Payment FAQ
What payment options do you offer?
Next to PayPal and ShareIt, we offer international bank transfer as a payment option (single payments only). Please contact us for detailed information.

Can I pay in US dollars or any other currency?
When you purchase Sylenth1 at our online webstore and pay in Euros, either PayPal or your bank will use the current exchange rates to convert the amount in your currency.

Can I purchase Sylenth1 VAT free?
If you are the owner of a company based in the European Union, you can enter your company's VAT number in our online webstore to purchase Sylenth1 VAT free.

Do you offer educational discount?
We offer 30% educational discount for students and teachers. To receive the discount coupon, just send a copy/scan of your academic ID card or any other proof of college/school admission here.

Please note that the educational license may not be used for commercial activities other than education (for example selling the music create with it). At Any time you can upgrade to the standard commercial license, simply by paying the remaining 30%. There are no further differences.

Can discount offers be combined?
No, it is not possible to combine different discount offers. For example, you can not combine the educational discount with a special limited sale or bundle offer.

How does the monthly payment plan work?
You can purchase Sylenth1 and pay in monthly installments of only €9.95 Euro (incl. VAT), until the full amount has been reached. We will send your license within minutes after the first payment is received, so you can start using Sylenth1 right away!

The subscription can be stopped and resumed any time you like, using the Stop/Resume button on your account page. During the time it's stopped, your license will be on hold. When resumed, the plan will continue where you left off. When you have paid all installments, the subscription stops and you keep the full license! Also, you can pay off the remaining balance at any time.

Please note that your computer needs to be connected to the internet when using the payment plan (at least once each month). If you need to use Sylenth1 on an offline computer, it's recommended to purchase in a single payment instead.

How do I stop or continue my payment plan?
You can use the Stop/Resume button on your account page to stop and continue your payment plan.

Can the payment plan be used with discount offers?
The payment plan cannot be used in combination with any sale or discount offers, except for the educational discount. The monthly price for the edu license will still be €9.95 Euro, but there will be fewer installments to pay.

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