New Third-Party Preset Bank For Sylenth1
2 Oct 2007
A new excellent third-party soundbank has been released by Nucleus SoundLab.

"RadioCarbon is a patchset with a definite dark electronic edge. Designed for producers of contemporary electronica - such as Bigbeat, Techno, Trance and Industrial - this 128-preset pack encompasses many different soundtypes: from deep electro basses, electro-type FX, biting leads, trance-style pads and keys to darker variants on standard dance sounds like stabs and hoovers, its all here."

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2 New Sylenth1 Reviews
28 Sept 2007
Two new Sylenth1 reviews have recently been released and in both reviews it scored 9 out of 10 points!

FutureMusic writes:
FutureMusic "LennarDigital comes strong with the Sylenth1 virtual analog synth. The incredible sound engine married to outstanding effects and supreme knob-twiddling options makes Mr. Addink's Sylenth1 a great buy."
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Digital Music Magazine And the Italian Digital Music Magazine writes:
"Sylenth1 excels in generating sounds like leads, synth-bass, pads, soundscapes and arpeggio sequences, it's an adequate solution for a wide range of music styles. If you are constantly searching for convincing virtual analog sounds, Sylenth1 will give you great satisfaction... Absolutely indispensable in your setup."
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Sylenth1 Review In Computer Music Magazine
10 May 2007
Computer Music magazine has experienced the sound of Sylenth...
And they loved it! In the lastest Computer Music magazine (no. 113, May 2007) Sylenth1 was reviewed and awarded with an amazing 10 out of 10 and received both the Computer Music Performance and Editors Choice awards on top of that!

Computer Music writes:
"(...) this synth really does sound awesome, and it’s so easy to program that it can sometimes feel like you’re cheating somehow. (...) Sylenth1 is absolutely recommended to anyone who uses a lot of bread and butter sounds from virtual analogue synths. It sounds better than 99% of the competition and, to our ears, it even rivals Access’s famous Virus. (...) amazing when you consider how little CPU power it requires. In a word: fantastic."

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Sylenth1 On Open Labs Workstations
12 Apr 2007
Quality meets quality...
We are proud to announce that Open Labs will be equipping their world-class keyboard workstations with our Sylenth1 software synthesizer.

The Open Labs Gen3 MiKo™ and NeKo™ represent the first line of keyboard workstations to incorporate a Windows PC-based architecture and are the first musical instruments to use Intel Core 2 Duo processors, offering tremendous amounts of processing power. Now combined with Sylenth1's superb sound quality and CPU efficiency, these machines make every musician's dreams come true...

Sylenth1 Version 1.21 Released
7 Apr 2007
A new version of Sylenth1 is out! Changes since previous version include:

  • Midi Learn functionality for all knobs and controls.
  • Improved pitch modulation.
  • Improved LFO frequency modulation and anti-aliasing.
  • Correct implementation of Midi CC's 64 (hold pedal) and 123 (all notes off).
  • Fixed arpeggiator note limit.
  • Fixed filter initialisation bug.
  • 45 new factory presets.
  • 128 presets by Simon Foster.
  • 40 presets by Standalone-Music.
  • 32 presets by Kuro.
  • 17 presets by Endonyx.

Download the new demo version here.

Sylenth1 Review In De:Bug Magazine
22 Feb 2007
More good news today, the German magazine DE:BUG has published a review on our synthesizer!

"Sylenth1 scores at something many products from renowned software manufacturers miss nowadays: an uncomprimising good sound and an amazing ease on system resources. (...) What comes out at the end, convinces all along the line: crystal-clear, pressureful, tonally almost a class of its own."

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Sylenth1 Version 1.20 Released
22 Feb 2007
Bigger, bolder, better... Sylenth1 is now equipped with an arpeggiator, step sequencer, chorus/flanger effect, and a stunning 250 new presets!

The arpeggiator with its built-in step sequencer really shows off the capabilities of this synth. It's also a great tool for creating original melodies and basslines in no-time. Add the new high quality chorus/flanger effect to that and you've got a kickass instrument that's highly suitable for a wide range of sounds and still is very easy on the CPU!

Also included in this update is a great trance soundbank with 64 presets made by Adam Szabo a.k.a. Adam Van Baker. The full version of Sylenth1 now comes with a total of 475 presets!

So what's new exactly in this version?

  • Added arpeggiator with built-in step sequencer, 10 different melodic modes, adjustable pitch, velocity and hold settings. Outputs Step Velocity as a modulation source.
  • Added 4 stage chorus/flanger effect with 2x oversampling, adjustable delay time, depth, rate and feedback.
  • Added oscillator waveform inversion option for PWM effects.
  • Added copy/paste buttons for oscillator- and effect settings.
  • Added distortion amount as a modulation parameter.
  • 110 new factory presets by Lennard Addink.
  • 64 presets by Adam Szabo a.k.a. Adam Van Baker.
  • 40 presets by Gary Must.
  • 32 hardcore presets by Sneitherheadz and Endonyx.
  • Knob behavior changed to linear.
  • Eliminated clicking effects in Mono mode.
  • Improved note stealing algorithm.
  • Improved tri-saw oscillator waveform interpolation.
  • Improved filter cutoff frequency conversion.
  • Improved bandpass/highpass filters.
  • Fixed portamento sliding bug.
  • Fixed LFO Rate modulation bug and improved frequency modulation.
  • Fixed DC offset in bitcrush distortion.
  • Fixed phaser feedback amplification.
  • Fixed license name display bug.
  • Updated user interface graphics.
  • Updated automation parameter names.

And last, but not least, the price has dropped permanently from €159 to €139!

Download the new demo version here.

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